Funny Signs

Signs and Symbols are objects, characters, or other concrete representations of ideas, concepts, or other abstractions.They are used when we have to convey our message to a lot of people.Sometimes these are used to facilitate the lives (warning signs,traffic signs etc) while others are used to express ideas (love signs,zodiac signs etc).
These carry different meaning for different people belonging to different places and religions and sometimes even can hurt people if taken seriously.

Eg: Very simplified pictures have been used globally for identification.A symbol showing knife and fork is to identify restaurant, silhouette of a handset is used to identify a telephone , silhouette of a man or a woman is used to identify rest rooms….

They do not represent all of the thing or experience to which they refer.That is, “tree” means tree in English because that’s the convention of English but as a sign it may be used as a demons place to reside .They have meaning only for people who use them to have that meaning.A person has to establish meaning from a sign or symbol. They then use this meaning to do many things, one of which could be to accomplish a task. The closer the design of the sign is to the task, the quicker meaning is understood and the task is completed.

Our ancestors said that the use of symbols can empower us, enlighten us, and aid us in our journey through life. They ground us, and give us a point of focus so that we may see ourselves and our world more clearly.

Study Of Signs : Semiotics
Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation. There are three main areas:

* The signs themselves
* The way they are organized into systems
* The context in which they appear

Extracting meaning from the signs is then possible once we understand the structure of the signs.
They can be categorized like this:

Icon : An icon resembles the sign to great extent. A photograph, a diagram, even a sound like ‘bang’.

Index : Index basically represents a relation between sign and it’s meaning. Examples can be : Smoke and fire , traffic light colors.

Symbol : Symbols are the signs having no logical meaning . Symbols are generally used for logotypes. An example of this would be where a symbol has become linked with an organisation or product, the red cross for example.

Here’s a rather large collection of funny signs from around the world that you probably haven’t seen before.So enjoy and relish my collection of finely picked funny signs.These are meant for fun only . So keep browsing for fun………..